RicoBel is run by Noriko Oseko. She lived in Belgium (Gent) for 17 years and built her carrier in numerous different kinds of businesses. She came back in Japan (Tokyo) in December 2017 and continue RicoBel in Japan using all the experience she has gained. She is active in various field as an entrepreneur.


|my mission

I believe in the infinite possibilities in every single person and I really believe that anything is possible if you believe it. Everyone has the right to be happy and my mission is to increase the number of people who feel happiness and spend a wonderful life. I was also helped a lot when I was in Belgium as a foreigner so I would like to give back something to people who need help here in Japan.


|ricobel’s history

Started importing/exporting collectible goods in Belgium
Ran Bed and Breakfast

Started selling collectible goods in Japan & Europe
Started selling French antique / vintage goods

Met French children books author/illustrator ALAIN GREE.

Started business in aromatherapy, lymph drainage, face massage 
Started licensing business with ALAIN GREE
Started exporting vintage European wallpaper

Having a shared-shop in Tokyo Bay Lalaport for French zakka

Became a holder of international exclusive rights of French illustrator ALAIN GREE
Published 3 titles of Alain Gree’s translated children books in Japan
Contracted with Plaza (former Sony Plaza) regarding Alain Gree’s licensing business and sold various goods

Attended exhibitions and trade shows in Japan and Europe

Started selling Japanese zakka in Europe

Set up new RicoBel

Published 8titles of Alain Gree’s books in France
Started working with Japanese stores in Tokyo and Chiba (exporting zakka)

Contracted with GMC Publications for the exclusive rights of Alain Gree’s illustrations in English speaking countries.

Published 6 titles of Alain Gree books in UK

Worked as an onsite manager in Tokyo for a Belgian corporate
Appeared and coordinated a Japanese TV program
Contracted with some Japanese companies regarding mobile contents

Contracted with KOKUYO
Published several books of Alain Gree in UK

Coordinated Japanese TV programs and also mede an appearance
Published Alain Gree books in UK and the books were translated into Swedish and Dutch

Published Alain Gree books in UK and the books were translated into Chinese
Released LINE stickers
Contracted with Kamoi Kako-shi in Japan and started producing Alain Gree washi-tapes

Started personal coaching for individuals and small businesses
Providing trainings and lectures in Tokyo
Published Alain Gree books in UK and the books were translated into German

Published Alain Gree’s first art book in Japan
Launched Alain Gree puzzles and toys in USA
Published Alain Gree’s translated books in Italian

Published Alain Gree’s message book in Japan
Launched notebooks, cards, calendar and paper activity book in France
Launched sticker set in France
Published Alain Gree books in UK
Moved back to Japan in December

Experienced at a relocation company in Tokyo
Published Alain Gree books in UK
Keeps running businesses in Tokyo


This is one of the TV programs I appeared in Japan