Do you have worries, anxieties, difficulties or troubles by living in Japan and you would like to solve them?

Alternatively, do you have the ambition to achieve your set-goals in Japan?

I can help you out of the issues and do my best to support you mentally.

Let’s make your life in Japan happy!


Do you fall under any of the following?

Having trouble to live in a completely different cultural country like Japan
Being Stressed from not knowing or understanding the language
Feeling too lonely in a totally different world
Stress from working in a Japanese society
Needing someone who can understand you and your situation
Family issues

You are self-employed, and you feel like you get stuck.
You have set-goals in Japan you would like to achieve.

As I lived in Belgium for 17 years, I also went through difficulties when I first moved over there because everything was so different including the language.

Therefore, I know how difficult could be to live in a country where you are not used to in many ways, and you may feel lonely because you are a foreigner here in Japan.

Although I am Japanese, I still feel like I am like a stranger here and I notice many things which are also difficult for me sometimes.

Moreover, I have been independent for 18 years as an entrepreneur, and I have much experience in many different business fields. I have been supporting self-employed people and entrepreneurs through my coaching.

My perspectives are widely opened, and there should be an interesting realization for you after having a session.

I must protect any of your information and respect the confidentiality of your communications. In this safe environment, you can talk to me about any subjects you would like to bring.

I truly and deeply believe that everyone has unlimited possibilities to have a better and happier life.

Moreover, I would love to be a part of help to let your life be brighter.

My session duration is an hour, and it is scheduled every two weeks (twice every month) for three months.

We talk via Skype (with or without video as you prefer).

I also organize sessions in person on request. For this, in person session, there will be an additional fee. Please contact me for details.



I offer lectures to teach you Japanese culture and how things are done in the Japanese business world since Japan has a different culture, especially in the business world.

By following the training, you can be well prepared for your life in Japan.

You can learn:

Japanese business manner, culture, and society
Things Dos and Don’ts in Japan
Basic Japanese language lesson
Request for what you would like to order is always welcome.
I will arrange a training menu according to your request.

Feel free to contact us for a quotation as well.


Do you have any questions?

Feel free to contact us at any time. We are here to support you.